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Beefwatch Archive

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Consistency is Key to Proper Feed Bunk Management

Proper bunk management is the art of matching feed deliveries to the amount of feed cattle need for optimal performance. Underfeeding cattle results in poor gains and feed efficiency, longer days on feed, and reduced carcass quality.

Evaluation of the Value of Fiber in Distillers Grains plus Solubles on Performance of Finishing Cattle

Distillers grains are a common component in finishing diets in Nebraska. Their inclusion has resulted in improved performance while also improving cost of production. Recently, ethanol plants have been removing fiber components and corn oil, thus changing the composition of the available distillers grains.

Feeding Dried Distillers Grains on the Ground or in a Bunk – How Much Loss Occurs?

This article is a summary of the 2012 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report “Comparison of Feeding Dry Distillers Grains in a Bunk or on the Ground to Cattle Grazing Subirrigated Meadow”. Jacqueline A. Musgrave, L. Aaron Stalker, Terry J. Klopfenstein and Jerry D. Volesky were collaborators on this research study and report. The report is summarized by Aaron Berger, Nebraska Extension Beef Educator.

Effect of Feeding Distillers Grains and Supplementing with Dietary Antioxidants on Ground Beef Shelf Life and Fatty Acid Profile

The following article is a summary of research conducted by University of Nebraska meat scientists evaluating dietary impacts on ground beef shelf life and fatty acid profile. The original article can be found in the 2016 Nebraska Beef Report pages 164-166.

The Energy Value of Distillers is Greater than Corn in Forage Based Diets

Distillers grains is greater in protein than corn but it is also greater in energy. When evaluating the cost of supplements for beef cows or calves, producers should be comparing the cost on a per lb of nutrient needed.