Beef Innovation & Research

UNL Student Beef Research

Students at UNL have the opportunity to be involved in hands-on learning and research starting as undergraduates and continuing through doctorate programs. UNL students have contributed valuable findings to the advancement of the beef industry. Read more about our students and their research. 

Nebraska Beef Cattle Reports

The Nebraska Beef Cattle Reports contain a summary of research conducted by scientists and graduate students in the Animal Science Department. The target audience for these reports are livestock producers, extension educators, and people in agri-business. The articles are written in a format and style with our Nebraska clientele in mind that is easy to read and understand.

Beef Innovation Hub

The Beef Innovation Hub at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is a cooperative effort between UNL faculty, Nebraska Extension and an external advisory board made up of beef producers and associated industry members. Through strategic planning, this hub that spans all beef-related departments at UNL and all beef industry segments offers direction and priorities for the research and communications produced by UNL Beef, ensuring the work UNL's beef programs are doing has practical applications and will help improve the beef industry in Nebraska and beyond.