Beef Basics Home Study

img1Since 1993, more than 5,500 beef producers, feed consultants and veterinarians from more than 40 states have used the Beef Basics courses to further their education.

The courses are written by extension educators, extension specialists, producers and veterinarians and are producer-reviewed before being introduced to the public.

Profit - the Bottom Line

Participants have estimated that they would save over $16 per cow using the management and production ideas presented in the Home Study Courses.

Purpose of the Courses

These courses are designed to assist you in making management decisions for improving profitability. They offer an opportunity to sharpen your cow/calf management skills without a large time commitment away from the office or home. You can learn within the comfort of your own home or office.

Many beef producers, veterinarians, and agribusiness people find it difficult to attend distant educational seminars. This course will allow you to expand your cow/calf management knowledge within the comfort of your home or office. Your involvement will be encouraged through answering questions on the lesson quizzes. After completing a lesson, participants take a short quiz, which is graded and returned by the extension educators.

Understand Your Business

It is important that you, as a beef producer, have confidence, competence, and direction to be a successful livestock producer. You will need to capitalize on your own unique resources and skills.

Comments from Past Participants

  • "Taking the Beef Home Study courses is an excellent way to improve management skills to increase beef production and reduce costs."
  • "Your home study courses are the best we've seen and the only ones from the point of view of the cow/calf rancher."
  • "They've taken a lot of the 'mystery' out of beef production."
  • "These courses are excellent educational tools."
  • "Would I recommend it? You bet!"