Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

These mobile apps will put valuable beef cattle production information at your fingertips.
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app screen captureBody Condition Scoring Beef Cows

NUBeef-BCS app – visually assess your cow herd and nutrition program using a number system that describes the amount of condition or fat reserve of the cow. Please see the Body Condition Scoring App article for more information and brief introductory video.

Purchase and download from Google Play or Apple App Store.

screen capture image of appFarm and Ranch Recordkeeping

Farm and Ranch Recordkeeping - keep a record of your farm or ranch receipts and expenses. You can also export these stored records in a format which can be directly imported into QuickBooks.

Download the free app from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Mobile Cattle Tracker

screen capture image of appMobile Cattle Tracker - collect and access cattle records when they are needed. Production data like birth records, weights and measurements and management activities needs to be entered real time, so that they can be available for review when animals are gathered and worked. Use Mobile Cattle Tracker to collect data in a consistent manner and on a timely basis so that meaningful information can be generated.

Purchase and download from Google Play or Apple App Store.


screen capture of appNUBeef-cowQlate - includes 4 calculators for beef producers: Feed Cost Calculator; Dry Matter Conversions Calculator; Corn Stalks Calculator; and Gestation Calculator. Use these calculators to compare cattle feed costs, manage corn stalks grazing opportunities for cattle, and determine the most advantageous schedule for breeding programs.

Purchase and download from Google Play or Apple App Store.

screen capture image of GrassSnap mobile appRangeland and Pasture Monitoring

GrassSnap – monitor range and pastureland using photo points and record keeping. Can be used as part of the monitoring for Conservation Security Program requirements.

Purchase and download from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Udder & Teat Scoring mobile app screen captureTeat and Udder Scoring

Udder & Teat Scoring Beef Cows app – standardize your udder and teat scoring. Also includes tutorial to learn how to score udders and teats.

Purchase and download from the Apple App Store.

Other Mobile Apps

  • NU Beef Anatomy – visual and text information about the muscles and bones of the beef carcass. Navigate through the carcass by displaying cross-sections and then touch any muscle or bone to display the respective physical and chemical properties.
    Purchase and download from Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Market Journal – Award-winning television show available for iPhone and iPad. Includes segment clips from the weekly show as well as end-of-day futures prices, Nebraska daily elevator prices, local weather, and news from various agricultural sources.
    Download the free app from Apple App Store.