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The 2023 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report is now available!

Mineral and Vitamin Considerations When Drylotting Cows

Managing cows in a drylot can be a way to maintain the herd when forage production is reduced due to drought or as a part of a system when pasture is unavailable for other reasons. When cattle are managed in a drylot over an extended period of time, minerals and vitamins that need to be supplied can vary significantly from those needed when cows are grazing.

Getting More Out of Fall Forage Cover Crops: Is Strip Grazing Worth It?

Nebraska Extension will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, March 23rd at 7 p.m. CT/6 p.m. MT to share the results of on-farm research at 5 locations across Nebraska over two years evaluating the value of strip grazing cover crops. The webinar will include producer perspectives on balancing labor needed and increasing harvest efficiency. Register for the webinar at

This project was made possible by funding from Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE).

Nebraska Extension Seeking Producer Input on Mineral Supplementation Practices and Research and Education Needs

Nebraska Extension is looking to gather more information on cow-calf producers’ mineral supplementation practices. To better establish research and educational resource needs for beef cattle producers, Nebraska Extension has released a producer needs assessment survey targeting cow-calf producers.

What does the Drought of 2022 mean for Lactating Pairs in the Spring of 2023?

As of February, Nebraska remains in drought conditions despite much of the state receiving significant snowfall in December and January ( The soil moisture profile is in a deficit due to months of below normal precipitation the last couple of years, which will have an impact on grass growth this spring.