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Feeding Elevated Levels of Corn Silage in Finishing Diets

Corn silage can be an economical feedstuff in finishing diets, especially when corn prices are high. Feeding corn silage gives cattle feeders the opportunity to capitalize on maximum quality and tonnage of the whole corn plant, while stockpiling large quantities of feed. Considering forage prices, feedyards with bunker storage or flat storage should consider silage this year, even if only used as a roughage source.

Feeding Light Test Weight Corn in Growing and Finishing Diets

The number of growing degree days remaining for the season will influence the amount of light test weight corn harvested this fall. The current standard test weight for corn is 56 pounds per bushel. When corn test weight is below the standard, it is often discounted in price, suggesting the feeding value is lower. However, research has shown that the feeding value of light test weight corn is often similar to normal test weight corn when included in various cattle diets.

“Why would I want to work for you?”

Unemployment across the United States is at historically low numbers.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nebraska ranks in the top 25% of states in having one of the lowest unemployment rates.  This low unemployment rate has created an environment where there is tremendous competition for agricultural workers.  Potential employees have greater employment opportunities and therefore can be more selective about the job that they choose.

Precision Manure Application on Display at Manure Expo

Reviewers:  Aaron Nygren, Nebraska Extension Educator; Joe Luck, UNL Extension Specialist; Javed Iqbal, UNL Extension Specialist