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Four Webinars on Genetic Selection Tools for Cattle Producers now Available

(May 2018) As part of the National Cattlemens' Beef Association webinar series, the eBEEF team conducted four webinars in the spring of 2018 focused on genetic selection tools available to beef cattle producers and how to put them into practice. Learn more.

How Land Transitions can Lead to Unintended Consequences

(May 2018) Grandpa and Grandma farmed. They retired. They had two irrigated quarters. They had two sons with their own farming operations. So, their transition plan was to give a quarter to each of the sons at their passing. Learn more.

UNL BeefWatch Newsletter - May Issue

In this issue of the newsletter you will find information on these timely topics and more.
 • Livestock Losses due to Blizzard - Help is Available
 • Wait! Wait! Is Your Pasture Ready to Graze?
 • Should You Creep Feed Your Calves This Summer?
 • Implanting the Suckling Calf
For more information on these and other topics or to view archived newsletters, visit UNL BeefWatch.

Recent Beef Webinar

Controlling Horn Flies on Pastured Cattle

May 2018
David Boxler, Entomology Extension Educator
West Central Research and Extension Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Recent Beef Webinar

Monitoring & Managing Feedlot Runoff Holding Ponds

April 2018
Dr. Amy Millmier Schmidt, Livestock Bioenvironmental Engineer
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Grass Tetany Considerations with a Late Spring

(April 2018) Grass tetany usually occurs in the spring when cool weather is followed by a warm period. It is typically seen in early lactation cows grazing cool-season grasses during cool, cloudy, and rainy weather. Learn more.

Using Annual Forages as Part of the Feed Resource for the Ranch – A Producer's Perspective

(April 2018) In this month's BeefWatch Producer Perspective Podcast, Brian Sprenger who is part of a family owned and operated ranch near Sidney shares how his family utilizes annual forages as grazing resource. Learn more.

Capturing Value in Cropping Systems Using Cattle

(April 2018) The University of Nebraska is conducting research around the idea of integrating cattle and cropping systems to best use the resources in Eastern Nebraska. Learn more.

Recent Beef Webinar

Principles for Improving Conception Rates with Estrus Synchronization and AI

April 2018
Dr. Rick Funston, Beef Cattle Reproductive Physiologist
West Central Research and Extension Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Recent Beef Webinar

Heat Stress Mitigation in Feedlot Cattle

March 2018
Terry Mader, University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Professor Emeritus
Mader Consulting, LLC


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