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UNL BeefWatch Newsletter - December Issue

In this issue of the newsletter you will find information on these timely topics and more.
 • Interpreting Forage Quality of Grass Hay
 • Livestock Air Emission Requirements Delayed for Now
 • "Ranching for Profitability" Programs Held Across Nebraska
 • Beef Heifer Replacement Forecasts for the 2017 – 2018 Production Season
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Recent Producer Question

(November 2017) I have a lot of downed corn ears in my field. Can I feed sodium bicarbonate either free choice or put it in the water and turn cows out to graze? Learn more.

2018 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report

(November 2017) The 2018 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report is now available. Learn more.

Down Corn: Problem or Opportunity for Cattle Producers?

(November 2017) With the delayed harvest and the wind over the last few weeks a lot of corn ears are on the ground in the state. Learn more.

Estimating Bushels of Corn on the Ground by Counting Ears Prior to Grazing with Cattle

(October 2017) Prior to grazing cornstalks with cattle, an estimate should be made of the amount of corn that is present in the field. Learn more.

Frosted Sorghums: To Graze or Not to Graze?

(October 2017) Many parts of Nebraska have recently had at least one night of below freezing temperatures. In some areas, temperatures have warmed back up and the sorghums have begun to regrow. Learn more.

Test Don't Guess

(October 2017) Accurately sampling and testing hay is the only way to get a real understanding of the nutritive value of feed. Learn more

Nebraska Extension to Launch Beef Webinar Series Targeting Feedyards

(September 2017) The webinars will be on select Wednesdays for one hour, and will feature discussions from participants to determine educational needs on new topics, presentations by experts and updates on current activities. Learn more

Profit Tip: Grazing Corn Stalks - Management Strategies

(September 2017) Corn residue is a tremendous forage resource in Nebraska and is one of the state's competitive advantages for beef cattle production. Learn more.

Profit Tip: Consistency is Key to Proper Feed Bunk Management

(August 2017) Proper bunk management is the art of matching feed deliveries to the amount of feed cattle need for optimal performance. Learn more.

Recent Beef Webinar

Transforming Manure Management from Waste to Worth

November 2017
Dr. Rick Koelsch
Biological Systems Engineer
University of Nebraska–Lincoln


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