BeefWatch Articles from June 2024

BeefWatch Articles from June 2024

UNL Feedlot Innovation Center nears completion thanks to industry support

The chute slides shut with a thud, not a clang, safely catching the steer so it can be vaccinated. The steer behind him waits quietly, looking ahead at the alleyway that will take him back to his pen. The only sounds are cattle shifting against the alleyway and the quiet voices of the workers vaccinating the cattle.

Latest BeefWatch Podcast Topics

Check out the latest episodes of the BeefWatch podcast, hosted by Nebraska Extension educator Aaron Berger.

Annual Summer Stocker/Yearling Tour focuses on marketing yearling cattle

The stocker/yearling sector of the cattle industry offers flexibility and an opportunity for new producers to get started in the business. 

Start monitoring grasshopper numbers now for most effective control

Weather conditions in several areas of Nebraska in the past few years have been favorable to create grasshopper outbreaks. The fall grasshopper survey is a good indicator or possible grasshopper issues the following summer. The 2023 fall survey identified 15 counties (Fig. 1) in Nebraska with adult grasshopper numbers averaging over 15 per yard, which suggests grasshoppers may be a problem this summer.

Watch out for “pretty flowers” and plants out of place in range and pasture

In late May and June we frequently see both native and non-native forbs begin to flower in range and pasture. This is a good time of the year to be on the alert and lookout for these “pretty flowers” and for other plants that you may not recognize. Seeing something you haven’t seen before? Go check it out. Those “pretty flowers” or plants you don’t recognize may be an invasive species. Early detection and rapid response is critical to helping to keep noxious weeds at bay.

Stable Flies on Pastured Cattle

Stable flies aren’t just an annoyance. They cause reduced average daily gain, and it may take as few as four flies per leg to cause economic injury. Animals bunching to fight stable flies damage forage, and on fragile soils, may create blow outs. How do you know when you’re dealing with stable flies?

Summer and Fall Prescribed Fire Benefits Native Grasslands in Kansas Studies

Research studies by Kansas State University have shown that late summer and fall fires provided significant reductions of Sericea lespedeza and old-world bluestems which are both invasive species impacting rangeland across Kansas.