Annual Summer Stocker/Yearling Tour focuses on marketing yearling cattle

Annual Summer Stocker/Yearling Tour focuses on marketing yearling cattle

The annual Summer Stocker/Yearling Tour hosted by University of Nebraska —Lincoln Extension shows beef producers the role a stocker/yearling component can play in their cattle businesses. Photo by Maria Tibbetts, UNL Beef.

The stocker/yearling sector of the cattle industry offers flexibility and an opportunity for new producers to get started in the business. 

Nebraska Extension beef systems team is offering a chance to learn from producers with established stocker/yearling operations July 11 during the fifth annual Summer Stocker/Yearling Tour near Bassett, Nebraska. 
"A stocker/yearling component in a cattle production system can improve profitability and give some options that allow for quick adjustment in drought situations," said Hannah Smith, Nebraska Extension beef educator and one of the organizers of the event. 
The annual Stocker/Yearling Tour has been popular with both beginning and established producers as it gives them an opportunity to see how other producers have incorporated the stocker/yearling component into their systems, and they can learn from their peers. 
"We build in time for attendees to ask questions and discuss the practical elements of stocker/yearling management," said Erin Laborie, Nebraska Extension Beef educator and event organizer. "We want to hear from producers about what they need to know from a research standpoint, so we can shape UNL’s priorities around that, but this kind of discussion where they learn from each other has been valuable to both attendees and tour hosts." 
This year’s tour and program are focused on the marketing aspect of yearling cattle, which was a topic that many previous attendees asked to address more in-depth.
Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. CDT outside of the Bassett Livestock Auction, 105 W. 4th Street, Bassett, Nebraska. Two local cattle operations are opening their pastures to the group to visit. Lunch will be served at Bassett Livestock Auction, followed by a producer panel to discuss the intricacies of marketing in the stocker/yearling space and how value can be captured through the various scenarios.

"We planned this to coincide with the annual Barbecue Yearling and Fall Calf sale at Bassett Livestock Auction, which is always a popular event that brings people to the area," Smith said. "People who come to town for the sale can stay one more day and learn about options that could have major implications for the way they do business."

The cost is $20 per person, which includes lunch. Please register by July 1 at or contact the BKR Extension Office at 402-387-2213. For more information, contact Hannah Smith (402-387-2213, or Erin Laborie (308-268-3105,