Beef Webinars & Conference Recordings from 2012-2014

Beef and Forage Management Webinars



Feedlot Management and Marketing

2013 Dr. Kenneth & Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation Symposium

Sustainable Use of Crop Residues on Cow/Calf and Yearling Operations Conference
June 10, 2013

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  • Residue use and subsequent crop production
  • Grazing cornstalks: performance, stocking rate, and supplementation
  • Increasing quality and palatability of residue with by-products
  • Storing by-products mixed with residues
  • Ammoniating cornstalks and wheat straw
  • Alkaline treatment of cornstalks and wheat straw
  • Confinement and limit feeding cows and pairs using crop residues
  • Annual forages, cover crops/double crop options

Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch
January - May 2013

Webinar Series offered by The National Drought Mitigation Center
The information, strategies and resources on this site are designed to provide livestock producers in the Great Plains region with information on how to incorporate management strategies to reduce the threat drought poses to livestock and forage operations.

Use of Corn and Residues in the Future for Beef Cattle
June 20, 2012

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  • Fat removal from distillers
  • Harvesting corn stalks –composition and mechanics and fertilizer value
  • Stalk plant parts, agronomic issues for consultants to consider, and grazing stalks impact
  • Utilization of corn silage instead of corn grain and dry stalks, and why now?
  • Alkaline treatment of forages as a grain replacement option in feedlots and growing cattle–History, Performance and Economics
  • Commercial application of treating stalks: How to, costs, equipment