2013 Symposium - Improve Cow-calf Efficiency

2013 Dr. Kenneth & Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation Symposium

September 2013

Research and Methods to Improve Cow-calf Efficiency

photo of cows with calves in temporary penThe cow-calf industry is adjusting to a new era as agriculture has become a critical player in producing fuel in addition to food and fiber. The use of grain as a fuel source has placed increasing pressure on the cow-calf sector to improve efficiency in the use of feed resources. This environment has prompted new questions and innovative thinking in regards to how the cow-calf industry will produce calves in the future.

The following is the agenda for the meeting with links to recordings of the presentations.


Meeting was held September 12 & 13, 2013 in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Complete Symposium Proceedings (PDF 13.4MB, 89 pages)