Beef Feedlot Roundtable 2012

2012 Beef Feedlot Roundtable

February 2012

The Feedlot Roundtable was co-sponsored by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension and Iowa State University Extension. These sessions were recorded using Adobe Connect on February 14, 2012.

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Market Outlook and Risk Management

Shane Ellis, ISU Extension Livestock Economist
Iowa State University

Shane Ellis gave a presentation "Cattle Outlook for 2012 and Beyond" at the 2012 Feedlot Roundtable. Shane also discusses some risk management topics related to a "crush margin" for cattle and differences between hedging and options for risk management.

Feedlot Cattle Footprints

Dr. Terry Mader, UNL Feedlot Extension and Research
Northeast Research and Extension Center

Dr. Terry Mader discussed Beef Cattle Footprints and the factors that influence how beef cattle impact the environment. This discussion was focused on beef production as it relates to Carbon, Water, and Hormones. Data presented shows how the improvements made in production efficiency reduces the impact of beef production in the environment.

Manure Values and the BFNMP$ Program

Dr. Matt Luebbe, UNL Feedlot Extension and Research
Panhandle Research and Extension Center

Dr. Matt Luebbe discussed inputs needed to make dietary and management decisions related to manure handling and application. These estimates were calculated using the Beef Feed Nutrient Management Planning Economics (BFNMP$) program. Estimates of the costs for removing manure and application to the field are presented with different case studies using this program.

Digital Dermatitis: An Emerging Challenge for Feedlot Cattle

Dr. Jan Shearer, ISU Extension Veterinarian
Iowa State Univeristy

Dr. Jan Shearer presented information relating to digital dermatitis (a.k.a. footwarts or hairy heel warts) and the increase in incidence in the feedyard. Dr. Shearer also discusses the causes, characteristics, effects on performance, and treatment and control of this emerging lameness issue.

Grain Adaptation and Roughages

Dr. Galen Erickson, UNL Feedlot Research and Extension
Department of Animal Sciences

Dr. Galen Erickson reviews grain adaptation in finishing diets and new or different methods available to producers based on recent research efforts at UNL. Galen also presents data on treating low quality roughages with calcium oxide to replace a portion of corn in finishing diets.

Use of Technology and Impact on Feedlot Production

Heather DePra, UNL Extension Educator
Valley, Sherman, Greely, and Howard Counties

Heather DePra discusses different technologies available to feedlot producers to improve efficiency of production. The mode of action, economics, performance, and use directions for commonly used ionophores and beta-agonists are presented.