Use of Corn and Residues in the Future for Beef Cattle

Use of Corn and Residues in the Future for Beef Cattle

June 2012

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension Midyear Husker Beef Nutrition Conference on the use of corn residues was held on June 20, 2012 at the Agricultural Research and Development Center near Mead, NE. The conference focused on some new research on distillers grains, utilization of corn residue and implications of removing corn residue, and impact of feeding greater amounts of forage. New research on alkaline treatment of corn stover with calcium oxide and use in feedlot cattle was also presented.

Finally, the day ended with some information on how to treat corn stover with calcium oxide commercially using some patent-pending processes developed by ADM, and Performance Plus.

Each topic was recorded except one. These videos, plus video on the treatment process being done commercially by Performance Plus, are available below. In addition, PDF files of slide sets that were shared with participants are available below. NOTE: PDF files open in a new tab/window.

Much of this information is not available yet in Nebraska Beef Reports but will be available in the 2013 Nebraska Beef Report available in December, 2012. For more information or questions, you can contact Galen Erickson (402-472-6402 or

Support and sponsorship was provided by ADM and Monsanto to make the conference materials available for free to all participates and online.

Introductory Remarks by Dr. Galen Erickson

Conference Agenda (PDF 77KB)

Fat removal from distillers

Galen Erickson, UNL and Melissa Jolly, M.S. student

PowerPoint slides (PDF 620KB)

Harvesting corn stalks – composition and mechanics and fertilizer value

Steve Petersen, Monsanto

PowerPoint slides (PDF 2.78MB)

Stalk plant parts, agronomic issues for consultants to consider, and grazing stalks impact

Terry Klopfenstein, UNL

PowerPoint slides (PDF 1.49MB)

Utilization of corn silage instead of corn grain and dry stalks, and why now?

Galen Erickson, UNL and Dirk Burken, Ph.D. student

PowerPoint slides (PDF 575KB)

Alkaline treatment of forages as a grain replacement option in feedlots and growing cattle – History, Performance and Economics

Matt Luebbe, UNL PHREC and Adam Shreck, Ph.D. student

PowerPoint slides (PDF 965KB)


Commercial Application of Continuous Processing Equipment Corn Replacement Feed Technology

Michael J. Cecava, ADM Research Division

PowerPoint slides (PDF 1.42MB)

NOTE: No recorded video.

Demonstration of treatment of corn stalks and wheat straw

DISCUSSION prior to demonstration
Casey Macken, Performance Plus