Beef Cattle Reproductive Cycle, Estrous Synchronization Protocols

Estrus Synchronization in Heifers and Cows Webinar

March 13, 2012
Dr. Rick Funston, UNL Beef Reproductive Physiologist
West Central Research & Extension Center
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

This webinar will help you sort out synchronizing protocols that are used for heifers and cows and application of those protocols.

Dr. Rick Funston discussed planning for successful use of estrus synchronization in beef heifers and cows. Current protocols and management strategies to optimize pregnancy rates through the use of estrus synchronization were discussed.

This webinar provides an excellent opportunity for producers to learn the latest information on what estrus synchronization protocols may best fit their desired goals for replacement heifers and the cow herd for the breeding season.

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Synchronizing Estrus In Beef Cattle

Synchronizing Estrus in Beef Cattle, Nebraska Extension EC283 (PDF 1.18MB)

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The Beef Reproduction Task Force has developed a set of excellent resources including an Excel Spreadsheet that producers can utilize to plan their estrus synchronization program. This tool allows producers to select the date they wish to have cows breed as well as the protocol they are planning to use. The spreadsheet also develops a calendar they can follow. This spreadsheet, along with other resources, is available at the Beef Reproduction Resources website, Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Resources.

Estrus Synchronization – Planning for Success (Beef Reproduction Task Force, PDF 4.39MB)