2015 Range Beef Cow Symposium

Range Beef Cow Symposium XXIV

November 17-19, 2015; Loveland, Colorado

Presented by
Cooperative Extension Services and the Animal Science Departments of

university seals


Not all session presenters provided a proceedings paper. All Proceedings links below are to PDF files.

NOTE: A synopsis for each Symposium session and the Pre-Symposium BQA Certification Workshop session is available on the Symposium Newsroom page. Additional resources may include the speaker's PowerPoint file, audio recording of the session, and more.

Agenda for the Symposium

Why does Consumer Opinion Trump Science (Animal Welfare, GMOs, Food Animals vs Pets)?
Ronnie Green
Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Animal Welfare Implications of Beef Industry Practices: Including Dehorning, Castration, and Branding Practices
Jason Ahola
Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University

Challenges with Heifer Selection: How Many Should I Breed and What are They Worth?
Ron Lemenager, Purdue University
Scott Lake, University of Wyoming

Producer Perspective on Using Reproductive Technologies
Chad Blair
Managing Partner, Blair Brothers LLC

Impact of Estrous Synchronization and AI on Cowherd Performance Over Time
G. Cliff Lamb
North Florida Research and Education Center, University of Florida

Feed Efficiency in the Range Beef Cow: What Should We Be Looking At?
H. H. “Trey” Patterson
Padlock Ranch Company

Cow Feed Efficiency Unknowns Including Utilization of Range Forages
Douglas L. Olsen
Olsen Ranches, Inc.

A Taste For Quality
Angus Foundation-funded Research

Economically Relevant Traits and Selection Indices
Matt Spangler
Department of Animal Science, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Crossbreeding Strategies: Including Terminal vs. Maternal Crosses
Bob Weaber
Department of Animal Science and Industry, Kansas State University

How to Use Commercially Available Genomic Predictions
Michael Gonda
Department of Animal Science, South Dakota State University

High Altitude Disease, PAP, Feedlot Hypetension and Respiratory Issues
J.M. Neary, Department of Animal and Food Sciences, Texas Tech University
F.B. Garry, T.N. Holt, G.M. Krafsur, P.S. Morley, Department of Clinical Sciences, Colorado State University
R.D. Brown, K.R. Stenmark, Division of Pediatric Critical Care, University of Colorado at Denver
R.M. Enns, M.G. Thomas, Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University

Managing Compromised and Weak Calves at Birth
Franklyn B. Garry, DVM, MS, Integrated Livestock Management Program, Colorado State University
Jason E. Lombard DVM, MS, National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS)

Cow Supplementation: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck
Ken Olson
Department of Animal Science, South Dakota State University

Use of Annual Forages in a Grazing Livestock System
Nancy Peterson
Plum Thicket Farms, Gordon, Nebraska

Effects of Grazing on Grass
Casey Matney
School of Natural Resources and Extension, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Incorporating a Yearling Stocker Enterprise to the Cow/Calf Operation: Buy, Sell or Hold?
Mark Frasier
F Cross Cattle Company, Fort Morgan, CO

The Focus My Millenial Generation Needs
Cassie Lapaseotes
Lapaseotes Feedyard, Bridgeport, Nebraska

Feedlot and Carcass Data: Making "Cents" and Making Decisions
Julie Walker
Beef Specialist, South Dakota State University

Manage Risk on the Average Size Cow/Calf Operation
Wayne Fahsholtz
AgWin Group Consulting, Dayton, Wyoming

De-Commoditizing the Feeder Calf Market: Providing Objective Information to Buyers
Tom Brink
Top Dollar Angus, Inc.

Global Market Landscape
Duane Lenz
General Manager, CattleFax, Centennial, Colorado