Range Beef Cow Symposium XXII (2011)

Range Beef Cow Symposium XXII

November 29, 30 and December 1, 2011; Mitchell, Nebraska

Presented by
Cooperative Extension Services and the Animal Science Departments of

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NOTE: All links below are to PDF files.

Industry Issues

Policy Affecting the Cattle Industry
Senator Mike Johanns, Nebraska

Public Issues (PDF 78KB)
Trent Loos, LoosTales

Positioning the Range Beef Herd for the Next 25 Years

Implications of the Ethanol Industry for Cow-Calf Producers (PDF 317KB)
Ted Schroeder, Agricultural Economics, KSU

Current Inventory - Causes and Effects, Where are We Headed?
Jim Robb, Livestock Marketing Information Center

Cost of Production - Calculating your Unit Cost Production (PDF 220KB)
Aaron Berger, Extension Educator, UNL

The Changing Structure of Beef Production: Stockers, Calf Feds, and Yearlings (PDF 310KB)
Tom Brink, JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding

Cattle and Resource Management

What are Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics and Can We Do Without Them? (PDF 366KB)
Mike Apley, Production Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology, KSU

Weaned Calf Growing Options: How Do We Economically Produce a 1,000 lb Steer for Feedlot Entry? (PDF 368KB)
Terry Klopfenstein, Ruminant Nutrition, UNL

Cow Side of Producing a 1,000 lb Feeder, Cow Size and Expenses (PDF 368KB)
Ken Olson, Justin Waggoner, John Jaeger, Beef Specialist, SDSU & KSU

Determining Who Makes Land Use Decisions, Land Ownership or Land Control and What Decision Options Exist (PDF 157KB)
Dave Goeller, North Central Risk Management Education Center

Land/Enterprise and Ownership Transfer
Meyring (PDF 846KB), Blair (PDF 195KB), Marcy, Producer Panel

Genetics and Selection

Genomics for the Rancher: How Does it Work and What Does it Mean? (PDF 171kB)
Jack Whittier, Beef Specialist, CSU

Implemenation of Marker Assisted EPDs (PDF 463KB)
Matt Spangler, Beef Genetics, UNL

Feed Efficiency - How Should it be Used for the Cow Herd? (PDF 174KB)
Andy Roberts, Research Scientist, USDA, ARS


Importance of Steak Origin to Restaurant Customers (PDF 157KB)
Chris Calkins, Nebraska Beef Industry

How to Capture Added Value for the Calves Produced
Troy Marshall, Marshall Cattle Company, CO

Update on Preconditioning Beef Calves Prior to Sale by Cow/Calf Producers
Todd Thrift, Beef Cattle Management, University of Florida

Cutting Through the Myths to Feed a Growing Global Population (PDF 1MB)
Travis Choat, Elanco Animal Health

Activities and Benefits from Exporting Beef (PDF 249KB)
Paul Clayton, US Meat Export Federation

50 Years of Beef Reproduction Through my Eyes: Past, Present and Future (PDF 131KB)
George Seidel, Distinguished Professor, Biomedical Sciences, CSU

Health Management

Vaccination - What the Heck am I Doing? (PDF 86KB)
Jerry Stokka, Pfizer Animal Health

Labor Solutions for Ranch Operations, How to Find and Retain Quality Employees
Harry Knobbe, Harry Knobbe Feedyards, NE

Land and Resource Management

Economic Model for Multiple Land Use (PDF 327KB)
John Ritten, Agricultural and Applied Economics, UW

Optimizing Range Management for Game Bird Habitat (PDF 116KB)
Ben Geaumont, Wildlife Biologist, NDSU

Planning Ahead to Save AUMs and the Cow Herd in Times of Forage Shortage (PDF 267KB)
Jerry Volesky, Range and Forage Specialist, UNL