Range Beef Cow Symposium XX (2007)

Range Beef Cow Symposium XX

December 11-13, 2007, Fort Collins, Colorado

Presented by
Cooperative Extension Services and the Animal Science Departments of

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Industry Issues

The Impacts of the U.S. Corn/Ethanol Policy on the U.S. Cattle Industry
Andrew Gottschalk, Sr VP, R J O'Brien & Associates and Owner of HedgersEdge.com, LLC, Engelwood, CO

Panel Part 1: Antagonisms and Protagonisms of Alternative Energy Sources and Their Impacts on Ranchers
Leanne Stevenson, Natural Resources and Policy Section Manager, Wyoming Department of Agriculture

Panel Part 2: Small Wind Systems for the Ranch, Home and Business.
Tony Frank, Renewable Energy Development Director, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Consumers, Products and Markets

Improving Human Health with Beef Products
Marilyn Schnepf, University of Nebraska

Our Success Story: How do we sell beef as a natural beef retailer into a branded natural beef program?
Doc & Connie Hatfield, Country Natural Beef, Brothers, Oregon

Our Success Story: How do we sell branded beef direct to the consumer?
Robbie LeValley, Colorado Homestead Ranches, West Slope of Colorado

Cow-Calf Nutrition

Using By-Product Feeds in Cow/Calf Programs
Ivan Rush, University of Nebraska

Cow Condition and Reproductive Performance
Julie Walker and George Perry, South Dakota State University

Management Practices

Why did we move to June calving - and how do we make it work with public grazing lands?
Paul and Stephen Redd, Redd Ranches, Paradox, Colorado

How do I put together a production system that is best for me?
What does 40 years of research say?

Terry Klopfenstein, University of Nebraska

Benefits of Weaning Calves at Younger than Traditional Ages
Trey Patterson, Assistant Manager, Padlock Ranch, Ranchester, Wyoming

Successful AI and Synchronization Secrets: "It's in the Details."
G. Cliff Lamb, University of Minnesota

Heifer Development - Then and Now
Rick Funston, University of Nebraska

Nutrition During Gestation and Fetal Programming
Kim A. Vonnahme, North Dakota State University

Animal Health

Preparing Calves for the Feedlot.
Daniel Thomson, Kansas State University

The Immune System and Recovery from Sickness in Cattle
Gordon W. Brumbaugh, DVM, Specialty Veterinary Operations, Pfizer Animal Health, Wellborn, Texas

Basic Principles Used in the "Sandhills Calving System" and How They Apply to Other Production Environments
David R. Smith, University of Nebraska

Cattle Selection and Genetics

Ultrasound-Based Selection: Pitfalls and Rewards
Steve Paisley, University of Wyoming

Gene Testing for Production and Carcass Traits: What Does It Mean to a Rancher?
Bob Weaber, University of Missouri-Columbia

Genetic Information Made Easy: How to Sort through the Chaff to Find the Nuggets
Willie Altenburg, Altenburg Super Baldy Ranch, LLC, Fort Collins, Colorado

The Value of Heterosis in Cow Herds: Lessons from the Past that Apply to Today
Matthew Spangler, University of Tennessee-Martin

Range and Forage Management

Monitoring Grazing Lands: How, Why, When, What?
Paul J. Meiman, Colorado State University

Working with Federal Agencies to Develop Win-Win Programs for Ranchers and the Public
Eric Peterson, Area Natural Resource Education Specialist, Mountain West Extension Area, Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service

Delivery of Supplements on Rangelands
Kenneth C. Olson and Adele Harty, South Dakota State University

Markets and Marketing

Creating and Being Rewarded for Value in Calves.
Tim Davis, CowSense

Creating Value and Preserving Margin with Commercial Cows
Jim Lerwick, Lerwick Bros. LLC, Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

Marketing for Added Value
Glenn Smith, USA Country Manager, AgInfoLink USA, Longmont, Colorado

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