2013 Range Beef Cow Symposium XXIII

December 3-5, 2013; Rapid City, South Dakota

Presented by
Cooperative Extension Services and the Animal Science Departments of

university seals


NOTE: All links below are to PDF files.

Agenda for the Symposium

Policy Issues and the Beef Industry (PDF 105KB)
Roger Bernard, Policy Analyst, Informa Economics

Beef Trade: A Decade of Perspective (PDF 191KB)
Gregg Doud, President, Commodity Markets Council

Using Crop Residues and By-Products to Limit Feed Cows in Confinement (PDF 168KB)
Karla H. Jenkins, Cow/calf, Range Management Specialist
University of Nebraska Panhandle Research and Extension Center

Fetal Programming: Implications for Beef Cattle Production (PDF 263KB)
A. F. Summers and R. N. Funston (Beef Repro Physiologist)
University of Nebraska West Central Research and Extension Center

Preganant Cow Nutrition: Effect on Progeny Carcass and Meat Characteristics (PDF 441KB)
A.D. Blair, D.A. Mohrhauser, A.R. Taylor, K.R. Underwood, R.H. Pritchard, and A.E. Wertz-Lutz
Department of Animal Science, South Dakota State University

Nutritional Management Post-AI to Enhance Pregnancy Outcomes (PDF 147KB)
S.L. Lake, Department of Animal Science, University of Wyoming
R. Arias, North Central Research & Outreach Center, University of Minnesota
P. Gunn, Department of Animal Sciences, Purdue University
G.A. Bridges, Department of Animal Sciences, South Dakota State University

How Can Sexed Semen Be Used in Commercial Beef Herds? (PDF 177KB)
John B. Hall, PhD
Nancy M. Cummings Research, Extension, and Education Center
J. Benton Glaze, Jr., PhD
Twin Falls Research and Extension Center
Department of Animal and Veterinary Science, University of Idaho

Managing Annual Cow Costs (PDF 119KB)
Julie Walker, SDSU Beef Extension Specialist, South Dakota State University

Producer Panel – Managing Cow Costs to Improve Profitability (PDF 741KB)
Moderator: Dr. Jack Whittier, Colorado State University
Panel Members:
   James Sewell – TA Ranch – Saratoga, WY
   Ed Blair – Blair Brothers LLC – Sturgis, SD
   Chip Ramsay – Rex Ranches – Whitman, NE

10 Inspired Questions for Perpetuating Generational Ranches (PDF 85KB)
Dave Specht, Advising Generations LLC of Connell, WA

Adding Value to the Home Operation to "Make Room" for Future Generations (PDF 82KB)
Don Schiefelbein, Schiefelbein Farms, Minnesota

Sorting Through the Science, Marketing, and Realities of DNA Tools for Genetic Prediction (PDF 179KB)
Dr. Milt Thomas, John E. Rouse Chair of Animal Breeding
Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University

Understanding and Applying Economically Relevant Traits (ERT) and Indices for the Commercial Cattle Rancher (PDF 108KB)
R. Mark Enns, Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University

From Imagination To Reality: Using DNA From An Exceptional Carcass To Produce A Sire Or Donor Cow (PDF 82KB)
Dean Hawkins, Ph.D. and Ty Lawrence, Ph.D.
Department of Agricultural Sciences, West Texas A&M University

Economic Value of Managing Genetics How to capture the value? (PDF 319KB)
Lisa M. Elliott, Commodity Marketing Specialist,
Department of Economics, South Dakota State University

Animal Health Effects of the October 2013 Blizzard: Observations (PDF 136KB)
Faculty from South Dakota State University and Colorado State University

Range Weed Control: During and After Drought (PDF 87KB)
Darrell L. Deneke, Extension IPM Coordinator, South Dakota State University

Integrating Conservation Programs into Rangeland Management (PDF 133KB)
Al and Simone Wind, Wind Ranch, Newell, SD and Conservation Agency partners

Quality Beef by the Numbers (PDF 87KB)
Mike Kasten, Program Director of the Quality Beef by the Numbers Program, Missouri

Opportunities and Obstacles for Breeding Cattle Exports (PDF 299KB)
Tony Clayton, President, Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc.