Economics of Producing Forage on Cropland

February 2018
Jay Parsons, Biosystems Agricultural Economist
Daren Redfearn, Forage and Crop Residue Specialist
Mary Drewnoski, Beef Systems Specialist
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

With current corn prices and the limited availability of perennial grass, some producers are asking themselves if growing forages on cropland might be the answer to feeding the cow herd. Mary, Daren and Jay discusses the economics of growing annual an perennial forages on cropland. Examples and spreadsheet tools are utilized to help producers evaluate the economics of producing forages in comparison to grain crops.

Webinar Resources

Download the webinar slides. (PDF, 600KB)

Right risk scenario planning tool examples.

  • Replacing corn with annual forage for grazing cow/calf pairs - Excel file
  • Replacing corn with perennial forage for grazing cow/calf pairs - Excel file
  • Cost of annual forage when paying cash rent on cropland - Excel file
  • Corn grain production vs corn silage with oats cover crop - Excel file

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