What is the going rate to charge for calving out and yardage of first calf heifers? (January 6, 2010)

We make our own liquid feed with molasses and blood meal. at 30% CP, is this a good feed to use to supplement cattle during the winter months that only have dried grass and hay? (January 9, 2010)

I am looking for some research on banding bull calves at birth vs. knife castration later on. How much does it affect growth? (January 9, 2010)

On prairie hay, how much dried distillers can you feed bred heifers? We are running out of shelled corn and have distillers but don't want to run into large birth weight on the calves. (January 9, 2010)

How much feed value does whey from a cheese factory have for livestock? (January 18, 2010)

How much urea can be consumed daily by range cattle on low quality pasture grass before urea toxicity becomes a concern? (January 21, 2010)

If we breed pure Angus with a pure Ankole Watusi cattle, does the offspring retain the the gene for horns? (February 1, 2010)

We are a state-inspected meat processing plant. We are told by the inspectors that freezer beef that we custom butcher and process does not need the mark of inspection, even though these people are buying the beef from the farmers and they are not the sole owner until the meat is processed. Is what the inspectors told us correct? (February 8, 2010)

I recently read of a survey about stocking rates in high density grazing scenarios. This reported 200-500% increased stocking rate on ranches practicing HDG. (March 1, 2010)

Is there a recommended product temperature range for the display of non-frozen, packaged beef? (April 19, 2010)

Bought a few cows at sale on Wed. Vet had them at 7 months breed. Brought them home and dewormed with Ivomec pour-on on Saturday. The next day one of the cows had miscarried. Is there a connection between deworming and miscarriage or was it going to happen anyway? (July 24, 2010)

Are cattle with high altitude disease safe to eat? (September 5, 2010)

What is the value of ground ear corn per ton? We figure silage at about ten times the price of corn. Having trouble coming up with a price for ground ear corn. (September 21, 2010)

I have purchased some range cubes that are 37% protein (w/8% Urea). If I feed 3 lbs. per head every other day, will I have any problems with too much urea or ammonia in the blood? Also, is volunteer corn high in nitrates? (October 8, 2010)

We cut johnson grass last night to bale into hay for our cows. We had a hard freeze last night. Can we still use this hay? When can we cut more for hay to feed to beef cows? (October 29, 2010)

I frequently read that monensin prevents bloat, but the research that I find suggests it prevents acidosis. Does monensin prevent bloat or founder? (November 15, 2010)

How are cows physically effected by the genetically modified corn? What are the pros and cons of feeding them genetically modified corn versus an organic diet? How is the meat and dairy effected by the genetically modified corn and what are the pros and cons? (November 19, 2010)

Can cattle grazing on winter range grass or cornstalks utilize NPN in a lick tub or do cattle utilize all natural tubs better? (December 29, 2010)

Would tillage radishes make a good fall forage, planted after soybean harvest? Is it possible to forage cows through winter into early spring on turnips? (December 29, 2010)