Stocking rates in high density grazing scenarios

Producer Question from 2010

Q:  I recently read of a survey about stocking rates in high density grazing scenarios. This reported 200-500% increased stocking rate on ranches practicing HDG. (March 1, 2010)

A:  High density stocking or ultra-high density stocking; sometimes called mob grazing is the practice of controlling grazing to where one has stocking density levels equal to 100,000 to even 1 million lbs of stock per acre (roughly 100 to over 1000 head per acre). It is usually practiced on higher rainfall, subirrigated, or irrigated types of pasture. Four tools or concepts associated with this are grazing, animal impact, rest, and technology. I am not aware of a publication on this website dealing with this topic. Some producer observations and comments have been favorable regarding the benefits of this practice. Nebraska will be beginning some in-depth research on this type of grazing this summer.

Dr. Jerry VoleskyDr. Jerry Volesky, Associate Professor of Agronomy
West Central Research & Extension Center - North Platte, North Platte, NE