Mistake to use high pressure grazing?

Producer Question from 2009

Q:  Is it a mistake to use high pressure grazing for stockers (300 to 850 lbs)? (October 14, 2009)

A:  "High pressure" grazing can work for stockers. However, if a primary objective is to obtain maximum weight gains, there is a greater risk of management mistakes that could affect their gain. At the beginning of a short grazing period, available forage quality is at a high level and the cattle will select the plant species and plant parts that are most nutritious. As that grazing period continues, available forage quality will decline and can become quite low towards the end when the lower quality forage is remaining or there is not an adequate amount there for the cattle to meet their daily intake requirements. If management is careful to make sure that rotations to a fresh paddock are made on a timely basis, then this approach can work well.