Producer Question from 2012

Q:  I am considering feeding wheat midds to replace some corn in my finishing diet. I also would feed CCDS and/or MWDG along with a grass hay/stalk mix. What will limit my inclusion rate as I try to bring a high level of midds into the ration? (March 13, 2012)

A:  Wheat midds contain approximately 17 to 18% CP, 25% starch, and 40% neutral detergent fiber. A large amount of variation exists for the nutrient composition of wheat midds among milling operations. Wheat type and hybrid, environmental factors during production, and grade of flour produced can all influence the nutrient composition.

Wheat midds are lower in TDN (average 76) because of the high fiber content compared with corn (TDN = 90). When comparing midds to distillers grains the NDF component of midds is only 5 percentage units greater but the oil (fat) content is approximately one-third of distillers grains. Because of the lower oil content feeding higher levels decreases the energy density of the finishing diet.

Wheat midds can replace corn in finishing diets up to 20% of the diet DM without average daily gain decreasing. Feeding levels above 20% decrease gains.

Information for feeding corn milling by-products can be found in the By-Product Feeds and Reports and Proceedings sections of our website. 

Dr. Matt Luebbe
Asst. Professor of Animal Science
Panhandle Research & Extension Center
Univertisy of Nebraska - Lincoln