Using Artificial Insemination in a Commercial Cow Herd

Using Artificial Insemination in a Commercial Cow Herd – A Producer's Perspective

September 2018

photo of a cow with her calf

Artificial insemination (AI) provides the opportunity for cow-calf producers to use elite genetics.   In this BeefWatch Producer Perspective Podcast, Shannon Sims who is part of a family ranch operation from McFadden, Wyoming, discusses how they utilize AI in their cowherd.   Some of the topics that Shannon discusses in the interview include:

  • The history of the use of AI on the ranch.
  • How the use of estrus synchrony has changed AI in their operation over time.
  • The advantages that the use of AI have provided.
  • The focus of their selection and breeding program.

For more information on research and resources related to artificial insemination and estrus synchrony visit the Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle website.

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