Producer Question: Perennial problem with scours in calves

Producer Question from 2016

Q:  What does one do if one has a perennial problem with scours in calves? (February 17, 2016)

A: Scours can be a tough problem to remedy.

One idea for you to consider is to change the location (pasture) that you calve in for a year or two and see if you have better luck by calving in a virgin pasture.

Work with your veterinarian on a herd health program that can address the scours problem.

The Managing To Alleviate Calf Scours: The Sandhills Calving System article in the 2003 Range Beef Cow Symposium describes a calving system where there are a number of pastures used and every 10 or so days, cows that have not calved are moved to a new pasture and pairs are left behind. So the oldest calves are in pasture 1, the next oldest calves are in pasture 2, and so on. One of the problems with scours is older calves infect the younger calves and this system helps keep them apart.

Aaron Berger
Nebraska Extension Educator