Online Horse Safety and Care Certificate Course for Pen Riders and Processors

Online Horse Safety and Care Certificate Course for Pen Riders and Processors

August 2016

photo of online course brochureThe University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension has recently developed an online course that is designed to teach feedlot pen riders and processors safe horse handling and care of horses.

This course provides flexibility for those working in the field the opportunity to access it at anytime. The course content is also available in Spanish and is interactive, utilizing various types of multimedia. Subscribers can watch video tutorials and interviews by Extension feedlot professionals and take quizzes, surveys, and exams. Upon completion of the course, a certificate is issued.

The core features of this course include how to select the right feedlot horse, general horse keeping, basic care of the horse, feeding, grooming, and foot care and shoeing. Subscribers will learn how to render first-aid and minimize injuries to the horse.

"The effectiveness of a pen rider depends on the effectiveness of the horse," Kathy Anderson, UNL Extension Horse Specialist, said. "This Course teaches workers how to care for and safely handle horses when working in feed yards. It also provides managers documentation that their workers have the basic training in horse handling and care with a goal of reducing injuries to both workers and horses."

Other features include caring for equipment and tools, such as saddles, pads and cinches; safe housing for the horses; correct practices to sort and move cattle; as well as to catch, halter, tie, and how to bridle a horse. It teaches about the types of halters, bits, and tie-downs used and how to properly adjust each.

Registration fee is $25, which is good for 30 days. To register, go to

For more information, contact Kathy Anderson at 402 472 6414.