Late Summer Calving Cows and Cornstalks

Late Summer Calving Cows and Cornstalks – A Producer's Perspective

August 2018

photo cattle grazing corn residue

The University of Nebraska has conducted several years of cow-calf research examining and comparing the potential for different production systems in Nebraska.  Recent research has examined grazing summer born calves on cornstalks with their dams and compared that to feeding pairs in a dry lot.

In this month's BeefWatch Producer Perspective Podcast, Harlan Doeschot who is part of a diversified farming operation near Firth, which is south of Lincoln, shares how his family transitioned from spring to late summer calving cows.   Some of the topics that Harlan discusses in the interview include:

  • How late summer calving cows complement abundant crop residue and co-products.
  • Management strategies for breeding cows that are nursing calves on cornstalks.
  • Approaches for weaning, feeding and finishing late summer born calves.
  • How dry cows can be fed cost effectively in the spring in a lot.
  • Seasonal market advantages of late summer calving cow production systems.

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