'I Am Angus' Documentary Series Featured Five UNL Feedlot Management Interns

December 2012

program interns - image from I Am Angus videoLike many occupations, a career in agriculture evolves with experience – Up-close, hands-on, real-life experience that builds student appreciation and knowledge in a field of study. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln provides that through its one-of-a-kind Feedlot Management Internship Program.

The internship prepares students to meet a growing need for trained, responsible feedlot managers. And interestingly, many of the enrolled students are women.

In the December 3, 2012 episode of "I Am Angus," five UNL women are featured in a discussion about future leaders in the cattle industry. "I Am Angus" is a documentary series produced by the American Angus Association and aired on RFD-TV.

"The business of producing beef requires a number of steps – from the ranch to the retailer, and everywhere in between," said Galen Erickson, UNL animal science professor. "And we need talented people involved to provide a quality product for consumers. That's why young people are fundamental to this industry."

UNL students involved in the Feedlot Management Internship Program and featured on "I Am Angus" are: Stephanie Moore, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Caitlin Swartz, Winchester, Ky.; Kaylee Reedy, Maryville, Mo.; Meredith Bremer, St. Edward, Neb.; and Feedlot Internship Recruiter Kari Gillespie, Kevin, Mont. For more information visit "I Am Angus."

"I Am Angus," focuses on the heart of the Angus cattle business – its people, their heritage and why they are involved in agriculture. The hour-long documentary series explores each corner of the beef industry, Angus heritage and how animal agriculture meets the challenge of feeding a growing population.

For more information or to watch segments from past shows, visit the association's website at www.angus.org or YouTube Channel at Angus Television

The American Angus Association serves nearly 30,000 members across the United States and Canada. It provides programs and services to farmers, ranchers and others who rely on the power of Angus to produce quality genetics for the beef industry and quality beef for consumers.

I Am Angus: University of Nebraska Feedyard Management Internship Program video

UNL Feedyard Management Internship

For more information about Angus cattle and the American Angus Association's programs and services, visit www.angus.org.