University of Nebraska Cow Symposium sponsored by Elanco and GSL Open House

University of Nebraska Cow Symposium sponsored by Elanco and GSL Open House

The 20th annual University of Nebraska–Lincoln Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory (GSL) Open House will be held on Wednesday, August 21, 2019. In addition, the University of Nebraska Cow Symposium will be held on August 20th in Ord and 22nd in Norfolk.  Both the GSL Open House and the UNL Cow Symposium are sponsored by Elanco.  A variety of educational sessions, activities, demonstrations and exhibits are planned for the symposium. This year’s program across the 3 locations are focused on current issues and challenges facing the beef industry to increase cowherd efficiency and productivity. 

Due to the increased environmental stress occurring across much of Nebraska, the morning session is focused on calf health and weaning strategies. Morning sessions will provide a cattle market outlook, calf heath challenges, vaccination programs, weaning strategies, a feedlot perspective on calf health, and a calf health panel. 

In the afternoon, the program will cover reproductive management focused on the 2018-2019 environmental challenges, use and benefits of rumensin in diets, milk production on cow/calf performance, and a cow efficiency panel.  In addition at GSL only, the program will wrap up with 3 optional tours/talks on grazing management, beef systems research, and economic strategies.

Commercial exhibitor booths will be available for producers to visit with industry personnel about pharmaceutical products, livestock equipment, agricultural loans, and supplement and feed products. Attendees are welcome to come and go as they please throughout the event.

For Ord and Norfolk Cow Symposium meetings, call 308-696-6700 or e-mail RSVP by August 13th for the complimentary lunch. Ord and Norfolk program agenda 

To confirm attendance to the GSL Open House click here, call 308-696-6700 or e-mail RSVP by August 19 for the complimentary lunch. GSL Open House program agenda