Three-State Beef Conference Recap — Recordings now available

Three-State Beef Conference Recap — Recordings now available

Heifer development and prolonging the productivity of young cows is a timely topic addressed as part of the annual Three-State Beef Conference. Photo by Natalie Jones, IANR Media.

 The Three-State Beef Conference provides essential updates on cow-calf and stocker topics to beef cattle producers and industry stakeholders. With specialists from leading beef cattle land grant universities—University of Nebraska, University of Missouri, and Iowa State University—alongside insights from industry experts, the conference serves as a vital platform for knowledge exchange.

In 2024 our theme, "Reevaluating Today’s Management Practices for Future Success," underscored the importance of staying abreast of the latest advancements. We emphasized the need to reevaluate management practices in light of new information and technologies to enhance sustainability and profitability in beef production.

The three session recordings are now available to view online: 

"Managing Young Cows for Longevity and Profitability" with Dr. Thiago Martins, Assistant Professor in Beef Reproduction Extension and Research, University of Missouri

"Developing Heifers for the Future"  with Kiernan Brandt, Professional Services Technician, Trans Ova Genetics

"Corn Residue Grazing: Current Recommendations and Adjustments Based on New Data" with Dr. Mary Drewnoski, Beef Systems Specialist, University of Nebraska