Register now for Cattle and Coffee: Morning Webinar Series on Annual Forages

Register now for Cattle and Coffee: Morning Webinar Series on Annual Forages

Cattle grazing annual forages
Annual forages can be an economical source of additional feed when managed correctly. Photo by Mary Drewnoski.

Are you seeking alternative solutions to perennial pasture in your area or do you need more stored forage? Join Nebraska Extension for an enlightening journey into the realm of annual forage systems through our upcoming webinar series.

What: Annual Forage Systems Webinar Series
When: 6:30-7:00 am, Tuesday and Thursday from April 23 to May 16
Where: Zoom - Link will be provided upon registration - Register at

Overview: In this webinar series, we will delve deep into the world of annual forage systems, covering everything from species selection to grazing and harvest management practices. Whether you're looking to enhance grazing productivity or seeking guidance on producing stored forages, this series is tailored to meet your needs.

Webinar Topics:

April 23: Overview of Annual Forage Systems

• Crafting a grazing chain for cattle from mid-spring through fall
• Understanding carrying capacity and stocking rates

April 25: Using Warm Season Annuals for Summer Grazing
  • Maximizing productivity through effective grazing management
  • Expected animal performance
April 30: Key Considerations for Silage or Hay from Warm Season Annuals
  • Species and trait selection
  • Agronomic management for optimal yield and quality
  • Harvest management principles for ensuring success
May 2: Winter Hardy Small Cereal Silage Production

• Harvest timing's effect on yield and quality
• Key management principles for making quality silage

May 7: Grazing Winter-Hardy Small Cereals

• Differences in species
• Best practices for grazing management
• Expected animal performance

May 9: Spring-Planted Small Cereals for Harvest or Grazing

• Optimizing yields and quality through strategic harvest timing
• The value of adding a legume
• Species selection and grazing management

May 14: Stockpiled Forage for Fall Grazing

• Selected the right species for the goal
• Unveiling the value of strip grazing

May 16: Producer Perspectives on Using Annual Forages

• Lessons learned in the field

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and optimize your forage production strategies! Join us for an engaging series where you can ask questions and interact directly with experts from Nebraska Extension, ensuring personalized insights and valuable takeaways tailored to your forage production needs. Register now at to secure your spot in our Annual Forage Webinar Series.
See you there!