Filling Spring and Early Summer Forage Gaps Webinar March 16

Filling Spring and Early Summer Forage Gaps Webinar March 16

Spring grazing
Photo credit Mary Drewnoski.

Many cow/calf producers are short on hay and hoping for an early spring. This webinar will discuss some options for getting lactating cows fed until pasture is ready. With the drought of 2022, many pastures ended up being quite heavily grazed.  There is always some uncertainty as to what the 2023 spring and summer weather will be like.  This webinar will be a rapid fire of how to get the most out of your pasture, using non-traditional feed resources to feed the herd until forage is available for grazing, and using spring planted annuals to provide early summer grazing and give your pasture a much-needed rest.

Topics covered for the webinar are:

Turning Out on Pasture by Jerry Volesky

  • Discussion will focus on some of the management practices that can help our pastures recover from last year’s drought.  Grazing turn-out dates, flash grazing to capitalize on any early cool-season forage, and how to manage grazing and pasture rotations the rest of the summer will be key topics. 

Confinement Feeding with Alternative Feeds by Karla Wilke

  • Discussion will include options for feeding pairs in confinement when hay is in short supply, what commodities can be used and why, how to manage the cow for lactation and return to estrus, as well as managing the calf in confinement. 

Options for Planting Spring Forages and Grazing Dates by Daren Redfearn

  • Spring-planted small grain forages could be an opportunity to enhance the current short forage supply. Topics will focus on spring-planted forages as a strategy to enhance short forage supplies. Discussion will cover key management practices and realistic grazing expectations.

Managing Cow/calf Pairs on Spring Forages by Mary Drewnoski

  • Fall and spring planted small grains forages can be high quality and meet the needs of lactating cows and their calves. However, management is key to success. Mary will provide tips for ensuring successful use of these forages.

Plan to attend a webinar on Filling Spring and Early Summer Forage Gaps on Thursday, March 16 starting at 7:00 Central Time 6:00 Mountain Time.

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