Webinar Planned on Winter Cow Care Agreements

Webinar Planned on Winter Cow Care Agreements

Winter grazing cows
Photo credit Troy Walz.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Center for Agricultural Profitability will host a webinar that examines the development of winter cow care agreements at noon on Sept. 2.   

Given the current drought conditions in the western and north-central U.S., there has been increased interest by cattle producers to send cows to other locations, such as Nebraska, where winter feed resources like corn residue are available for grazing. This creates a scenario where many people are asking questions about what a fair agreement for wintering cows looks like. The goal of a good agreement is that there are no surprises, all parties are clear on expectations and roles. 

The webinar will offer a roundtable discussion with Nebraska Extension experts to help producers avoid disagreements. Participants will be Dave Aiken, an agricultural law and water specialist; Aaron Berger, a beef systems educator; and Mary Drewnoski, a beef systems specialist. It will be moderated by Jessica Groskopf, an agricultural economics educator.

The webinar is presented as part of the Center for Agricultural Profitability’s weekly webinar series, held every Thursday at noon.

For more information, and to register for the webinar, visit the Center for Agricultural Profitability’s website, https://cap.unl.edu.