Beef Basics V - Nutritional Strategies for the Beef Cow Herd

Beef Basics V

Nutritional Strategies for the Beef Cow Herd

What this course offers.

  1. The Amazing Ruminant - In all species the gastro-intestinal tract's main purpose is the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. Learn how the ruminant animal utilizes production
  2. An In-depth Look at the Basic Nutrients and How They Impact Beef Cattle Nutrition - A knowledge and understanding of the basic nutrients and their use in the beef cow is an important step in evaluating feed.
  3. Feed and Forage Testing - Feed cost is the largest expense in a beef cow operation representing 60 to 70 percent of the total cost of the operation.
  4. Byproduct Feedstuffs - One objective of the cow/calf producers should be to spend the least amount of money as possible on feed and still meet all the beef cow's nutrient requirements. By-products may help to reduce feed costs.
  5. Alternative Crops for Grazing - To become a low cost and profitable producer, one of the major requirements is feeding as little harvested feed as possible during the year.
  6. Beef Nutrition-A Systems Perspective - The "system" part of the concept implies that a beef operation is really a system of many components, all of which play a part in determining net return.
  7. Minerals For Beef Cows - Mineral supplementation programs range from elaborate, cafeteria-style delivery systems to simple white salts blocks put out periodically by producers. Solving the mineral mystery can increase your net returns.
  8. Applying 2000 National Research Council (NCR) Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle - The 2000 published requirements are the "state of the art" from the top nutritionists in the U.S. The challenge is to apply the requirements in a practical way.