Beef Basics IV - Beef as a Business

Beef Basics IV

Beef as a Business

What this course offers.

  1. Goals and Management Decisions - This lesson "sets the stage" for planning ahead by identifying goals and using goal directed management
  2. Harvesting People's Talents for Your Operation - Will help managers to better use the talents and skills of persons working for or with the operation.
  3. Production Records for the Herd - The challenge that many producers face is that unless they know their cost of doing business, the ranching way of life may go by the wayside due to poor economic decisions made by the beef producer.
  4. Individual Animal Production Records - The end result should be data and information on each animal that the producer will use to make an economic decision.
  5. Financial Record Keeping - Getting to the Starting Gate - Improvement of decision making should be the primary goal of any record system.
  6. Financial Record Keeping, Understanding the Basics - Will highlight some of the accounting principles that can help in designing an effective system.
  7. Using Your Records in Decision-Making - By comparing your own operation with other beef producers and other industries, you can get a better gauge on how you are handling your resources and making progress toward more consistent profits.
  8. Understanding Your Financial Situation - You will learn how to complete a balance sheet for the purpose of business analysis, how to calculate and interpret several financial performance measures from the balance sheet, and how to identify positive or negative trends in your overall financial situation.
  9. Writing Your Business Plan - Business planning is vital to effective decision making.
  10. Farm/Ranch Information System for Cow/Calf Production - Types of systems available - what to look for in cow/calf records.