2016 Beef Methane Conference Videos

May 2016

Beef producers, extension educators, veterinarians, and others in the beef industry attended the 2016 Beef Methane Conference on May 11-12. Presentations included a discussion separating the facts from fiction for livestock and climate change, producer views on climate issues, beef industry sustainability, the relation between methane production and performance, air quality issues, and other topics.

All presenters were asked to provide a video summary of their sessions.

Climate change and beef production overview

Science on climate change

Kimberly Morrow, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Livestock and climate change – facts and fiction

Frank Mitloehner, University of California

Producer view of climate issues for the beef industry

Troy Marshall, cattle producer and industry writer

North American beef industry (50-year perspective)

Terry Klopfenstein, University of Nebraska–Lincoln