Adding a Sheep Enterprise to a Cow-Calf Operation

Adding a Sheep Enterprise to a Cow-Calf Operation – A Producer's Perspective

February 2018

photo of sheep grazing in a fieldPhoto courtesy of Brock Terrell.

In this month's BeefWatch Producer Perspective Podcast, Brock Terrell from Hay Springs shares how his family added a sheep enterprise to their operation.  Some of the topics that Brock discusses in the interview include:

  • The process the Terrell family went through to acquire their band of ewes.
  • How the sheep enterprise complements their cow-calf and cropping enterprises.
  • The labor requirements of having sheep and how they find shepherds.
  • How the Terrell family evaluates adding enterprises to their operation.

The BeefWatch podcast is the audio companion to the monthly BeefWatch newsletter and also features bonus interviews such as the Producer Perspective.  The BeefWatch Podcast is available at iTunes and Stitcher. You can also subscribe by copying and pasting into your favorite podcast app.

Randy Saner is the Nebraska Extension resource for questions related to sheep and goat production.  Randy can be reached at 308-532-2683 or


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