Capturing Value in Cropping Systems Using Cattle

Capturing Value in Cropping Systems Using Cattle

The University of Nebraska is conducting research around the idea of integrating cattle and cropping systems to best use the resources in Eastern Nebraska. Recently, a field day was held at ENREC (formerly ARDC) near Mead to showcase this work.  The proceedings for the field day are available at

Topics discussed:

  • The UNL Beef Systems Initiative: Can we sustainably produce more with the same resources?
  • Nitrate toxicity: What is the potential when grazing cover crops?
  • Oats planted after corn harvest: How much grazing can we get?
  • Can improved bromegrass and switchgrass varieties be used for year round grazing? 
  • Grazing rye planted in corn and soybean systems: How do the cattle and crops perform?

For additional information or questions, contact:

Kristen Ulmer, Nebraska Extension Educator (

Mary Drewnoski, UNL Beef Systems Specialist (