Resources for managing mud in feedlots

Resources for managing mud in feedlots

On Monday, Feb. 5 we hosted a discussion between UNL Feedlot Extension faculty and producers. A recording of that discussion is available here

Contact our Feedlot Extension faculty:

Jessica Sperber
UNL Feedlot Extension Specialist, Lincoln

Galen Erickson
UNL Feedlot Extension Specialist, Lincoln

Rick Stowell
UNL Animal Environment Extension Specialist, Lincoln

Alfredo DiCostanzo
UNL Beef Extension Educator, West Point

Pablo Loza
UNL Feedlot Extension Specialist, Scottsbluff

Here are a few suggestions that may help producers deal with cattle in muddy conditions in the short-term, said Rick Stowell, Extension specialist, UNL biological systems engineering.

  • Adding bedding at prolific amounts
  • Physically disrupting mud dams / barriers to drainage
  • Adding aggregate (stone/gravel)
  • Relocating cattle

"None of these are very palatable but may be necessary in some situations," Stowell said.

These resources address managing cattle in muddy conditions: 

Tips for dealing with wet, muddy winter conditions in cattle feedyards

Controlling Muddy Conditions in the Feedlot 

Managing Cattle Facilities to Minimize Mud 

Mud Effects on Feedlot Cattle (study results)