Resources for Helping Cattle Deal with Heat Stress

Resources for Helping Cattle Deal with Heat Stress

While we can’t control the heat, there are some things we can control to help cattle through it. 

  1. Water – Make sure cattle have access to plenty of clean water, and that there is enough access space for all cattle, including calves, to get to water. 
  2. Shade – If you have the option, move cattle to a pasture that offers shade, or use portable windbreak panels to provide some shade.
  3. Air movement – Give cattle the opportunity to get into the breeze, if there is one. 
  4. Surface – Access to surfaces that are covered with vegetation will help cattle keep their temperatures lower. 
  5. Additional stress – Consider rescheduling anything that will add stress to cattle, like gathering, weaning, preconditioning, etc, if that's an option. 

Some resources for dealing with heat stress in cattle:

Dealing with heat stress in newborn calves as part of a fall-calving cowherd (YouTube Video)

Heat stress in fall-calving cows (YouTube video)



Please reach out to your local Extension educators or our Extension specialists if you have questions or concerns.