New Nebraska Custom Rates Survey Related to Livestock Services

New Nebraska Custom Rates Survey Related to Livestock Services

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Photo credit Troy Walz.
Many farmers and ranchers make inquiries to Nebraska Extension about prevailing rates paid for various kinds of custom farm services. In addition to the regular biennial custom rates survey, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Center for Agricultural Profitability has launched a new survey designed to provide market rate information for the Nebraska livestock industry. Producers and operators that perform and provide custom services for others, or that utilize custom services and pay others, are invited to participate in the survey. 

Anyone interested in participating in the livestock-related custom rates survey can request a printed copy and return envelope to complete the survey or register to receive the online survey version link at: Your area beef systems extension educator or county extension office staff may also assist in obtaining a survey or the online link.

Services covered in the survey include charges for pasture maintenance, fencing and trenching services, livestock processing fees and yardage rates, hauling fees, custom feed preparation, haying services, facility and equipment rental rates, manure pumping, hauling and application charges. 

Even if only one or just a few custom services are utilized or performed by an individual operation, providing the rate information for services that you utilize or that you charge is important. Individual survey responses are kept anonymous and confidential. Nebraska regional information and state ranges and averages will be published.

By completing the survey, you will help ensure that the most accurate information possible is provided to Nebraska livestock producers and those that provide related services. The survey should take only a few minutes to complete. The livestock-related custom rates survey may become a biennial survey in opposite years of the regular biennial custom rates services survey and report, which tends to be more crops-oriented.

If you have questions about the survey, email or call: Glennis McClure, UNL Department of Agricultural Economics, or 402.472.0661.