Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy

Strengthening Nebraska's
Agricultural Economy

Tools & Strategies for Ag Producers

Cattle operation in Nebraska

According to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, one in four jobs is related to agriculture in Nebraska. This signifies the importance of agriculture to Nebraska’s overall economy.

Current market conditions are a challenge for many agricultural producers. In response to the economic downturn, Nebraska Extension has developed an initiative focused on strengthening Nebraska’s agricultural economy.

A new series of educational materials is featured on the Nebraska Extension CropWatch and Beef websites. Nebraska Extension specialists and educators from across multiple disciplines share research-based information to help producers reduce input costs, increase efficiencies, and improve profitability of farm and livestock operations. In planning for the coming season, consider how you can incorporate the strategies that best match your cropping systems, livestock operations, and management styles into your operation.

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy GraphicEducational materials will be added to and throughout the spring and summer. Find related information on Twitter at #StrongNebAg.

For questions about this initiative, please contact any of the following authors:

Rick Rasby, Brent Plugge, Jenny Rees, Erin Laborie, Al Vyhnalek, Aaron Berger, Gary Zoubek

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