Profit Tips

Profit Tips

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy GraphicInput costs are a continual challenge to the beef cattle industry. Analyzing inputs against value of production can improve profit potential in the cow/calf, backgrounding, and feedlot enterprises. Following are management strategies to consider that influence input costs.

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When Does Fertilizing Pasture or Hayland Pay?

(February 2017) Pasture and hayland grass growth is stimulated by fertilizer just as it is with other crops. Learn more.

Using Replacement Strategies to Decrease Real Cow Depreciation

(February 2017) Depreciation expense represents the value difference between the current value of the asset and its value at the beginning of the time period being considered. Learn more.

Important Production Calculations in a Cow/Calf Enterprise

(February 2017) When evaluating a cow-calf enterprise, one of the foundational productivity measures to understand and calculate is the realized reproductive rate. Learn more.

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