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Join industry and university experts at the inaugural State of Beef Conference. Presenters and small group sessions will address the many issues around rebuilding the cowherd. Learn more.

Grazing Corn Residue with Beef Cattle

(October 2014) Corn residue is a valuable feed resource for beef cattle. The number of acres planted to corn in Nebraska is about 10.3 million acres (6.3 irrigated; 4.0 dryland/rain-fed). It is estimated that less than 25% of the corn acres in Nebraska are grazed. University of Nebraska recommendations for grazing corn residue are based on research showing cattle are selective grazers of a corn residue field. Learn more.

Tax Planning for High Income

(October 2014) Cattle producers are looking at astonishing prices for their livestock in 2014 which are leading many to be concerned about the tax bill that will inevitably follow. Tina Barrett, Executive Director, Nebraska Farm Business, Inc, provides several options to consider for managing your taxes in a high income world. Learn more.

Using Distillers Grains on the Ranch

(October 2014) In recent months distillers grain price has declined while beef cattle prices have reached historic highs. In many situations distillers grains may be a good option to increase weight of calves and yearlings or for use as a winter protein supplement for cows. Learn more.

UNL BeefWatch Newsletter - October Issue

In this issue of the newsletter you will find information on these timely topics and more.
 • Do Cows Need Protein Supplements on Corn Stalks?
 • Tax Planning for High Income
 • Minimizing Storage and Feeding Losses of Round Bale Hay
 • Manure Spreader Calibration Improves Nutrient Use Efficiency
 • Effects of a Freeze on Forages
 • EPA's Proposed Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) Rule
For more information on these and other topics or to view archived newsletters, visit UNL BeefWatch.

Selecting and Developing Replacement Heifers

(September 2014) Fall is the time of year when many cow-calf producers make their replacement heifer selections and begin planning for the development of those heifers into bred females. This article provides tips for selecting and developing replacement heifers. Learn more.

Husker Beef Nutrition Conference, Friday, October 31, 2014

(September 2014) UNL Extension will be hosting the Husker Beef Nutrition Conference on Friday, October 31 at the August N. Christenson Research and Education Building located at the UNL Agricultural Research and Development Center near Mead, NE. This program is targeted toward nutrition consultants and Extension Educators. Learn more.

Capital Investments for Cow-Calf Enterprises in Managing Record Income for 2014

(September 2014) Cow-calf producers are looking at the potential for significant positive cash flow for 2014 due to record high calf prices along with reduced harvested feed costs and income from the Livestock Forage Disaster Program. This income may position cow-calf producers with the opportunity to make capital investments back into their operation. Learn more.

More Grass, Same Acres?

(August 2014) Is it possible to increase the amount of grass produced in the same pasture? The answer is "maybe". Your semi-arid rangeland may have room to improve. But where do you start? Learn more.

Recent Beef Webinar

Feeding Distillers Grains on the Ground or in a Bunk - How much waste is there?
October 2014
Aaron Stalker
Ruminant Nutrition
West Central Research & Extension Center
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Recent Producer Question

I am thinking of pregnancy checking my spring-calving cows early this fall and then exposing any non-pregnant cows to bulls and selling the pregnant cows as fall calving cows. Any thoughts? (Oct 1, 2014)


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