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UNL BeefWatch Newsletter - August Issue

In this issue of the newsletter you will find information on these timely topics and more.
 • Grazing Considerations in a Drought Year
 • Keep or Sell Weaned Heifer Calves During Drought?
 • New Resource for Agricultural Site Planning
 • 2017 Solar Eclipse & Nebraska Agritourism Liability
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Profit Tip: Consistency is Key to Proper Feed Bunk Management

(August 2017) Proper bunk management is the art of matching feed deliveries to the amount of feed cattle need for optimal performance. Learn more.

Is That Corn Worth More as Silage or Grain?

(August 2017) Ongoing drought conditions are supporting hay and forage prices. While eastern parts of Nebraska had a good first cutting of hay, subsequent cuttings have been less. Learn more.

Profit Tip: Developing a Risk Management Strategy for Beef Enterprises

(August 2017) Developing risk management strategies for your operation is an important thing to give a little thought to as you go about making decisions. Learn more.

Profit Tip: Marketing Plans for Your Cattle Operation

(June 2017) Producers spend countless hours raising, breeding, and feeding cattle. The strategy used for selling these livestock remains equally important in the production process. Learn more.

Feed Additives

(May 2017) When profit margins are tight, the use of technologies such as feed additives should not be overlooked. Learn more.

Profit Tip: Implanting the Suckling Calf

(April 2017) The use of growth implants has been shown to be an effective tool in increasing production from the ranch to the feedlot. Learn more.

Recent Beef Webinar

Pasture Rangeland Forage Insurance Rainfall Index

August 2017
Aaron Berger
Extension Educator
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Recent Producer Question

(August 2017) Could you recommend forage I could use for fall grazing and also harvest a hay crop off? Also could I plant wheat/rye into the forage stubble in November for spring grazing? I really need the extra grazing from September 1 to November 10th and April 20th to June 1st. If I could get away with not dealing with prussic acid poisoning, it would be a plus. Learn more.



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