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UNL BeefWatch Newsletter - January Issue

In this issue of the newsletter you will find information on these timely topics and more.
 • Cattle Lice
 • Is Nitrogen Fixation Oversold with Legume Cover Crops?
 • Points of Leverage for Cattle Operations
 • When is Protein Supplement Overfed?
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Profit Tip: Purchase Protein Supplements after Comparing Options on a Cost per Pound of Protein Basis

(December 2016) When choosing among various supplements a good strategy is to calculate the cost of each supplement on a cost per pound of crude protein then purchase in the most economical way. Learn more.

Nebraska State of Beef Conference - 2016 Proceedings

(November 2016) The Nebraska State of Beef Conference is held every two years. Proceedings from the 2016 conference are now available. Learn more.

2017 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report – Now Available

(November 2016) Beef cattle research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is summarized each year in a Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. Research areas include cow/calf, growing, forage and residue resource management, evaluation of techniques and procedures used in grazing cattle research, finishing, beef products, and industry perceptions. For more information on these topics or to view archived reports, visit Nebraska Beef Cattle Reports.

Profit Tip: Understanding A Forage Analysis

(November 2016) Cattle are most productive when fed a ration balanced according to their nutrient needs. Unfortunately, many rations are balanced using average values for each feedstuff. More economical and better balanced diets can be formulated using nutrient concentrations determined from feed analysis. Learn more.

Estimating Bushels of Corn on the Ground by Counting Ears Prior to Grazing with Cattle

(October 2016) Prior to grazing cornstalks with cattle, an estimate should be made of the amount of corn that is present in the field. Learn more.

Before Grazing or Harvesting, Check Nitrate Levels in Annual Forages and Cover Crops

(August 2016) Hot, dry weather can increase the risk of high nitrates in annual forages and cover crops. Producers planning to harvest or graze annual forages should consider testing their forages. Learn more.

Recent Beef Webinar

Cow-Calf Share Lease Agreements

October 2016
Aaron Berger
Extension Educator
Panhandle Research & Extension Center
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Recent Producer Question

We have the opportunity to rent some cornstalks that has a fair amount ear drop. How do I estimate how much corn is on the ground? We are trying to determine how to graze it with cows. (October 25, 2016)



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