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UNL BeefWatch Newsletter - March Issue

In this issue of the newsletter you will find information on these timely topics and more.
 • Nebraska BQA: Starting Newborn Calves Off Right
 • Tips to Maximize Forage Yields When Establishing Perennial Forages
 • Cattle Castration and Dehorning Pain Management
 • Estrus Synchronization in Heifers and Cows Webinar
 • Recordkeeping and Documenting Livestock Indemnity Program Eligible Losses
 • The Livestock Forage Disaster Program and Estimated Drought Losses in Nebraska from 2012 to 2014
For more information on these and other topics or to view archived newsletters, visit UNL BeefWatch.

BeefWatch Podcast

(February 2015) The UNL BeefWatch newsletter now has an audio companion. The BeefWatch Podcast provides the same timely information as the newsletter, just in a downloadable audio form. Learn more.

Evaluating Fertilizing Cool Season Grass Pastures

(February 2015) Spring is right around the corner and many producers with cool season grass pastures, especially in central and eastern Nebraska are evaluating whether or not to fertilize this year. In many parts of Nebraska there is adequate soil moisture in place to provide a good start to the growing season. Learn more.

Fall Calving Cows and Crop Residue – An Opportunity to Add an Enterprise?

(February 2015) The beef industry is a critical part of the agricultural economy for the state of Nebraska. With beef cow numbers at historic lows in the United States, cattle feeders and processors are aggressively competing for a limited supply of cattle. This scenario is encouraging producers to consider how they might grow the cow herd to meet this market demand. Learn more.

Using EPDs and Economic Index Values

(February 2015) Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) have been around for decades and are the best tools available to use in selecting sires with desirable genetic potential as parents. Learn more.

Nebraska State of Beef Conference 2014 Proceedings

(January 2015) The Inaugural Nebraska State of Beef Conference was held November 4-5, 2014, in North Platte. The conference gave producers a chance to hear speakers discuss research-based concepts and visit with vendors who could supply the tools they need to manage their operations. The proceedings are now available online.

Perennial Grass Irrigated Pasture

(December 2014) With a strong demand for pasture and low grain prices, there has been a renewed interest in the use of irrigated pasture. There are a number of different annual and perennial forage species that could be used. Learn more.

Winter Tetany in Beef Cattle

(December 2014) Grass tetany is considered a problem that usually occurs when cattle or sheep are eating lush, spring grass or annual cereal forages such as rye, wheat or triticale; but, it can also occur when cattle are being fed harvested forages. Learn more.

Cow-Calf Share or Cash Cow Leases - What is fair?

(December 2014) Cow-calf share or cash leases can be used as a way to share the revenue and expenses associated with a cow-calf enterprise when multiple people are involved. To determine what a fair and equitable lease is, it is important both parties accurately determine their level of contribution to the total costs involved in cow-calf production enterprise. Learn more.

Recent Beef Webinar

Confinement Cows Series, Part 2: Considerations on Facilities for Cows
March 2015
Dr. Alfredo DiConstanzo
Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management
University of Minnesota, St. Paul

Recent Producer Question

When should you consider giving a new-born calf colostrum? (March 10, 2015)


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