Learning Modules and Apps

Rangeland and Pasture Monitoring

Body Condition Scoring Beef Cows

Teat and Udder Scoring

Micronutrient Formulation

Corn Stalk Grazing Calculator

Understanding a Nutrient Analysis

Beef Cattle Breeding and Genetics

Beef Cow Reproduction

Other Mobile Apps

  • NU Beef Anatomy – visual and text information about the muscles and bones of the beef carcass. Navigate through the carcass by displaying cross-sections and then touch any muscle or bone to display the respective physical and chemical properties. Purchase and download from Google Play and Apple App iStore.
  • Market Journal – Award-winning television show available for iPhone and iPad. Includes segment clips from the weekly show as well as end-of-day futures prices, Nebraska daily elevator prices, local weather, and news from various agricultural sources. Download the free app from Apple App iStore.


Videos and Archived Webinars

Feedlot Management and Marketing Webinars

2013 Dr. Kenneth & Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation Symposium

Animal Care Wednesday Webinars

On the first Wednesday of the month (unless it falls on or near a holiday) Extension personnel in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Wyoming, and South Dakota (as well as livestock producers, consumers, and industry specialists) discuss animal care topics.